• Why Gaming Is Good For Your Kid?

    Gaming is here to stay; it is up to us to make the best use of this learning tool; in this video I present 3 experts in the field who talk about how gaming can be both beneficial and harmful depending on how we use it.

    Gaming is a BIG industry – it generates over a Hundred Billion Dollars Annually in Sales.
    60% of teachers have begun to use Video Games to supplement their teaching tools
    Teenagers are obviously highly excited about Gaming – As you can see – it generates passion, drama, excitement, and emotion
    Many people believe Video Games are excellent tools for education and learning
    In this video, I quote 3 experts in the field to explore the topic
    The first one is Kelley King, PhD – an Educational Consultant, with 25 years as a teaching consultant, parent of two teenagers and author of two books on the topic.
    So, what does she have to say about Video Games?
    It’s more of a BOYS’ THING – and here’s why –
    Clip of Kelley King talking about why Boys are attracted to VGs – followed by a summary slide of these points
    • Fast Action
    • Aggression
    • Blowing Things Up
    • Track Objects – Visuo-Spatial
    • Immediate Feedback
    • Competitiveness
    • Talking About / Bragging
    What is the problem with VGs, according to Kelley King – it is what they are NOT doing while playing VG
    Clip of her talking about negatives effects of gaming
    Next on my list of experts is Dr Richard E Mayer, PhD – Professor of Psychology at Univ of Calif at Santa Barbara – his research interests are in applying the science of learning to education. Specifically, he has studied the use of video, Multimedia, and Gaming. For example, the famous Mayer’s Multimedia Principle – states that: “People learn more deeply from words & pictures than from words alone.”
    Principles set down by Professor Mayer now for the basis for creating Educational Videos & Animations
    What does he have to say about Video Games?
    “VGs have a strong potential for improving Cognitive Skills and Academic Learning.”
    “But, when you look at the evidence, you have to take a very cautious approach.”
    However, Professor Mayer acknowledges that Gamers are highly motivated and enthusiastic. He worked out what a Video Game should have in order for it to be good as an Educational Tool –
    It should be –
    • Rule Based
    • Responsive
    • Challenging –
    • Cumulative –
    Finally, I present to you – an unabashed Gaming enthusiast – Jane McGonigal. In these extracts from her TED talk delivered back in 2010, she gushes about how Video Gaming can actually help SAVE THE WORLD!!
    Ok, there may be a slight exaggeration here, but to summarize –
    Gaming is here to stay
    It’s a BIG INDUSTRY with lot of money involved
    Used wisely, it has utility as Educational Tool in addition to Traditional ones
    A lot of research is ongoing to fine-tune this
    The debate about how bad violent games are is endless.

    As passionate as I am about health, community well-being, progress, science, medicine, neurology, and psychology – I also am someone who wants to go out and make a difference. Only now I have a medium to channelize my energies in the right direction. The world I envision is one which is humane, equitable, prosperous, healthy, progressive, and fun-loving. This channel is one of my major contributions to creating that world.

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