• What is an e-cigarette?

    E-Cigarettes and the future of Vaping!

    Smoking e-cigs is now fashionable.
    An e-cigarette is designed to look and behave like a cigarette but delivers only vaporised nicotine and none of the toxins associated with tobacco to its users; people who use e-cigarettes call themselves.

    “VAPERS” rather than smokers!

    They look and feel like real cigarettes, but they’re much more than that.

    The look and feel of e-cigs

    Created in 2003 and introduced to the U.S. market in 2007, e-cigarettes give smokers the freedom to smoke whenever and wherever they want, tobacco-free, while simultaneously quitting their traditional smoking habits.

    Doubling in market share annually, electronic cigarettes are taking off.E-cig brands seem to be popping up everywhere. Presented as healthier, cheaper, and more environmentally-friendly than cigarettes, smokers are using them to break their habit and celebrities are endorsing them.

    The components of an e-cigarette

    Components Of E-Cigs

    It looks like a cigarette, smokes like a cigarette, but doesn’t damage or smell like one. This product is a tobacco-free simulation of the cigarette experience. It’s actually an electronic inhaler. The flame is simulated, along with the vapor smoke, and plastic ash tip. The whole experience is “fake,” but satisfying. E-cigarette smokers inhale and exhale a liquid nicotine vapor heated by a battery; the amount of nicotine is chosen by the user.

    e-cigs lack tobacco, they do have nicotine and other potentially harmful ingredients.

    Myths about hookah

    Is This The Future Of The Cigarette?

    Smoking substitutes - the nicotine patch

    Other substitutes have failed, but the smoking experience provided by e-cigs is a Smoking substitutes – the nicotine patch sure sign of success for this product and market. Why? Because people addicted to cigarettes are addicted to holding the packing, taking out a cigarette, putting it to their lips, and inhaling. The entire step-by-step process is a package that triggers the emotional response of the smoker.

    Harmful effects of smoking

    Harmful effects of smoking

    The niche for this smokeless product might be the key to understanding the success of the e-cig. Take smoke as an example. Both smokers and nonsmokers hate the smell of smoke; e-cigs have a pleasant aroma–an important differentiator in the market.

    Cigarettes were once a cause for alienation of their users, but e-cigs have made it possible for users to “smoke” indoors with little-to-no disruption of other patrons.

    The indoor smoking of this product has been prohibited in some location.Second-hand smoking is an important reason for alienation of smokers

    The safety of secondhand nicotine-vapors is not known.

    The ECITA logo

    The ECITA logo

    To read further on safety concerns of e-cigarettes, go to this Medscape article.

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