All you want to know about Headache: Why are you getting them? Is there an underlying sinister cause? How can I diagnose my headache? When do I know I must meet a doctor? When should I undergo a brain scan? Is a CT scan enough, or should I do an MRI scan? What is the meaning of some finding on my brain scan? Are there any other tests that I must do, like EEG or blood tests? What treatment is best for me? Should I take medicines for a long time? Is it safe to take paracetamol for my headache? Why did my doctor prescribe an anti-depressant for my headache? Will my child also get headaches the way I do? Can this headache lead to any brain damage over long time?


All you want to know about Epilepsy: Do I have epilepsy? What does my doctor mean when he says I had a fit, but I am not epileptic? How do I find out if I have epilepsy? Is it okay for a child to get epileptic fits during fever? Is an epileptic fit dangerous for my health? What are the chances my child’s epilepsy will stop? What are the chances I will get a fit during my pregnancy? Will fits during my pregnancy damage my baby? Can I take medicines while I am pregnant? What are my chances of having a baby while on my epilepsy medications? Can I breast – feed while on epilepsy medications? Will my husband’s epilepsy or the medications he takes for them affect our baby?

Brain Stroke

All you want to know about Brain Stroke: How will I know if I have a brain stroke? Is it dangerous to have a brain stroke? Is there any treatment for brain stroke? What caused my father’s brain stroke? My husband has high BP; will he get a brain stroke? Can I prevent a brain stroke? What is clot-buster therapy for brain stroke? What has my cholesterol to do with my brain stroke? Does smoking lead to brain stroke? Can walking daily help me prevent brain stroke? Can my father’s paralytic stroke be healed? Should I take aspirin for my brain stroke?