• Reology and Percept Language

    Do you think the world around is a mess? Do you read the newspaper, and then shake your head in bewilderment or disbelief, as if to say, “How can people be so dumb or cruel?”

    Believe me I do it all the time!
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    • Russia invades Crimea and takes it over from Ukraine.
    • US is attacked – 9/11
    • US sends troops to Iraq, Afghanistan, and everywhere else where it doesn’t even have borders.
    • Syria sinks into civil war;
    • Palestinians continue to die fighting for existence in a country which was wiped out of the map following WWII.
    • China takes over islands which are closer to Malaysia, Brunei and Philippines then to China;
    • Rampant corruption in India and Indonesia forces people to live in abject poverty, without even basic amenities.


    But if we were to look closer home, into our own personal lives, do we feel some sort of unease or discontent? Do you feel that your relationships are not doing well, even going sour? At the work – place, everything that happens is like an attack on me; I am paranoid beyond belief. If a boss only tells me about some work, it means he is taking advantage of the fact that I never say no; if he doesn’t talk to me about it, he is favoring others.

    This thread of thought runs through our head in an endless cycle; it is always ‘me against them’. Our thoughts are filled with worry, anxiety, suspicion, paranoia, fear, jealousy.  It significantly impairs the quality of life, since everything is experienced in a negative way.

    But what is the reality? Is this constant feeling that the world is ganging-up on me genuine, the product of a deranged mind, or the result of a relentlessly negative mind? In my opinion, it is only when we take this inner dialogue seriously, and either act on it or express it to others that we get into trouble. People are likely to criticize us for negative thinking (even though they are as negative as we are), tell us to see a psychiatrist, or persecute us in different ways.

    Why is staying positive so difficult? Why can’t we wake up every morning and promise ourselves that we will stay positive, and then keep that promise for the rest of the day?

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