• Overcoming Negativity


    This is a great quote from one of the greatest motivational speakers, Zig Ziglar.


    As you can see, it attracted hundreds of comments and thousands of shares on Facebook.


    Even a small sampling of the comments will tell you that there are varied responses; a majority, of course, agrees. A few dissenters, however, don’t think it is a good thing to leave ‘Negative People’ alone. In fact, their point of view is that we should involve these people in dialogue, help them overcome their negativity, and so on.

    But the common theme is that there are ‘Positive People’ and then there are ‘Negative People’. It is “Us vs Them.”

    Very few, in fact, seem to agree with me: people in this world are not divided into Negative and Positive people. We are ALL, without exception, BOTH positive and negative to varying degrees.


    At times, we are VERY positive; especially when things are going in our favor or as per plan. Negativity surfaces when things go awry.
    Some people lose their composure faster, at minor things; for others, it takes a lot to shake them.
    But don’t you think that we are positive or negative depending on our circumstances – for a majority of our lifetime?
    When the ups and the downs in our life become too much to bear, then a little wisdom percolates down. We realize that becoming negative in response to external events is taking a toll on our health and happiness.
    A majority of old people like to say: “Don’t chase after material wealth so much; be contented with what you have.”
    This is not such a bad advice when taken in the right spirit. The statement says ‘Don’t chase’, it doesn’t say ‘Don’t even try’. And being contented with what one has does not mean that one must not try to improve one’s life.
    But to get back to the original quote: negativity comes into each of our lives when we are faced with an adverse situation, and here is where the value of contentment should be appreciated.
    In fact, the word ‘Gratitude’ comes even closer to the value that I would inculcate. When the chips are down, remembering the things we are grateful for can help us overcome our negativity.
    People who always appear negative, the so – called ‘Negative People’, are, in my humble opinion, those who have not learnt the value of gratitude and contentment. They hanker after things, and when they fail to get them, negativity surfaces.
    So, to sum it all up:

    1. There are no ‘Negative People’, there is Negativity within people
    2. We all have some amounts of Negativity within ourselves
    3. Negativity within us surfaces when things go adversely
    4. A general habit of being positive and upbeat all the time will help us avoid negativity from surfacing
    5. One must practice GRATITUDE for things we have and the goodness in our life, regularly and diligently to maintain a positive frame of mind.
    6. Those around us who are afflicted by a lot of negativity within their minds – we cannot help them by criticizing them for it; we can only show them our positivity and attract them to it, and they will ultimately give up their bad habit.
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