• Miserable lives of doctors

    Most doctors lead miserable lives but are too egoistic to admit it.
    They spend a major part of their young adult years educating themselves, learning skills they will use in their later years to earn a living, when the rest of the world is out enjoying themselves.
    The rest of the world pays the price of their debauchery, of course, by falling ill and needing these doctors by the time they are in their 30s and 40s, and the doctors become busy serving their clients and earning briskly – and making a killing.
    This is the reason that for a pretty long time, the doctor’s profession, in addition to being called a noble profession, was also considered a very lucrative one, and everyone knew that a doctor’s family would never die of hunger.
    Now let’s see the other side of the coin.
    In a world where a job is the be-all-and-end-all of a career, being qualified as a doctor is indeed the best – you can never really be unemployed.
    But things have moved way beyond that, and this is the era of passive income; people now work towards creating passive income, not only in Real Estate, but in the share market and other places. Even if you earn a lot of money in the job market, you would be losing money in inflation if you don’t park your money in investments and assets that earn you a passive income.
    A job, or any career, which depends on continuous effort of the individual makes you a slave, and nothing more; this paradigm shift in our thinking was late in coming, but is now happening. Even getting two jobs is no insurance against an illness in the family.
    This is why even the best job in the world is not enough to give you any passive income. And guess what, the best job, for which you spend the longest period in your life learning, is possibly the worst, because by the time you reach the pinnacle of success, you are in such rarefied company that nobody else can take your place. You may get a lot of respect, but try trading respect for the supermarket bills.
    You are doomed to do the job yourself and have nobody else who can take your place even to give you a short breather. As medical care has improved and we lead longer lives and enjoy life more, we spend lot more, and we end up becoming broke in later life when we are least likely to be able to generate an active income.
    But forget the future for a while; is a doctor’s current life any better? Even a hefty pay packet is not worth the life-style, since they don’t have the time to enjoy the good things in life. From year-end to year-end, all the doctor does is work at the hospital, and this is considered normal, because everybody else is doing the same!
    If this was the price for a great future, that would probably be worth it; but that is something we already decided to forget!

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