• Nothing Less Than A Miracle!

    Nothing Less Than A Miracle

    Imagine this place – the very place where you are at the moment while reading this – but 500 years in the past.

    High likelihood it was something completely, utterly different from what it is today. Right?

    The landscape was completely different.

    None of the wide roads, no traffic, no honking cars, no bustling people rushing to their work-a-day lives.
    Or if you are in an Indian village, chances are that even here the landscape was very different. No blaring horns, no movie theatres, no loud-speakers spewing the latest Bollywood item numbers.

    Not all of these conjure up the best of 21st-century progress, I am afraid.

    Ok, here’s some concession.

    No mobile phones, laptops, 108 inch screens – forget it, no LCDs or plasma TVs to talk of!
    Five hundred years ago is a long way off!
    Earth is a good 5 billion years old! Now how many zeroes is that after 5? That’s 9 zeroes, 7 more than 500!

    Mother Nature wrought many a miracle – make no mistake about it. Life is no mean miracle! But the miracles she wrought THROUGH Man in 500 years beat all the others in speed, don’t they?

    Mother Nature has done more in the Miracles Department through one agent – Man – than she has without that agent in the longest time!

    This thought occurred to me this morning, and felt like sharing with my dear readers!

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