• How To Apply a Transdermal Patch like Lidocaine, Nicotine, Exelon, etc

    How To Apply a Transdermal Patch

    How to Use Transdermal Patches from SafeMedication.com

        1Read the patient information for use before using your patch. Each product will have specific instructions for use. 1 Application instructions
     2Wash your hands.  2 Application instructions
     3Select an area of skin to apply the patch. Be sure to follow any specific instructions provided by your doctor or the product instructions as to site selection or rotation. Prepare the skin area and make sure the skin is clean and free of any powders, oils, and lotions.  3 Application instructions
     4Carefully open the packaging.  If using scissors, be careful not to cut the patch. Never use a patch that has been cut or damaged in any way.  4 Application instructions
     5Remove the protective liner according the product directions. Be sure not to touch the sticky side of the patch. Some protective liners are removed in two parts. If so, place the sticky half of the patch on the area of skin and gently peel off remaining liner.  5 Application instructions
     6Press down on the patch firmly with the palm of your hand.
     7Go around the edges with your fingers to press them onto the skin. Make sure that the patch is flat against the skin (there should be no bumps or folds in the patch).  7 Application instructions
     8Throw away the empty pouch and the protective liner in a closed trash can.
     9Wash your hands.  9 Application instructions
     10When it is time to remove the previous patch, use your fingers to peel it off slowly. Fold the patch in half with and press firmly to seal it shut.  10 Application instructions
     11Throw the used patch away in a closed trash. Used patches may still contain some medication and may be dangerous to children, pets, or adults.  11 Application instructions
     12Wash your hands.  12 Application instructions
     13Ask your doctor what to do if the patch loosens or falls off before it is time to replace it. Generally, you should try to press it back in place with your fingers. If the patch cannot be pressed back on, throw it away and apply a fresh patch to a different area. Replace the fresh patch at your regularly scheduled patch change time.
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