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    Monitoring your own BP at home improves control


    SMBP is the measurement of BP at home or outside the clinic. SMBP with or without support in adults with hypertension was found to be effective in controlling BP at 6 and 12 months. The effectiveness at 12 months relied on other support – educational materials, web resources, nurse or pharmacist visits, and tele-counseling, etc

    A major difficulty physicians have in managing high BP patients is the difficulty in checking the BP on a regular basis once the patient is out of the clinical setting; for sufferers it is difficult to justify a clinic or hospital visit just to get the BP checked.

    On the other hand, physicians found it difficult to rely on readings taken by patients at home using digital BP monitors; invariably the patient would be complaining of high readings at home and the physician or nurse’s reading would be normal.

    These findings were culled from 52 research studies previously published. This knowledge would help clinicians to provide better counseling and guidelines for patients with high BP (Hypertension).

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