• Head Injury In Children – How Will My Child Be 10 Years Later?

    Parents frequently have this question: My child had a head injury recently; how will he be 10 years later?
    Related questions: I had (head) injury 10 years ago; do I have any effects of that now? Will my brain scan show anything? Can my memory problem be due to that?
    There was a recent (Feb 2nd week, 2017) Conference in Las Vegas, USA – by the Association of Academic Physiatrists; there was a presentation by Researchers in the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
    Impact of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) – and found that it can have long term effects.
    • Patients with mild – to – moderate TBI are twice as likely to develop attention problems if tested 7 years later
    • Severe TBI – 5 times more likely to develop secondary ADHD
    • Parenting and Home environment play significant role in recovery
      • Severe TBI, optimal environment – these children show few effects
      • Milder injury, chaotic home environment – persistent problems
    • Early family response important for long-term outcomes
      • Children do well, no across – the- board deficits
    Testing Intervention & Therapies
    The researchers developed a web-based program – provides a family centered training in problem – solving, communication, and self – regulation: this reduces behavioral problems and executive dysfunction
    Future Research: to identify genes vital for recovery
    also, how these genes interact with environmental factors

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