• Effects of Smoking on Lungs

    Smoking is a pervasive human habit since the dawn of civilization. Despite being one of the most of uncivil behaviors, it continues to be accepted due to its universal nature. In many social circles, the non-smoker may actually find himself an outcast. In certain age-groups it is cool to be smoking, and peer-pressure plays a big role in the development of the habit. With mass media messages, there is practically nobody who could possibly be ignorant of the ill-effects of smoking, yet the habit persists.

    One reason, I have found, is that people do not fully understand the damaging effects of smoking. Inappropriate emphasis on smoking-related cancer is partly to blame; most people I meet believe that is the only problem with smoking. Reality is far from this; there are some effects of smoking which can be far more devastating, not the least because they lead to severely reduced breathing capacity but allowing prolonged survival, giving an extremely poor quality of life.

    My intent, with this blog post, is to highlight this aspect of the ill-effects of smoking on our health.

    In this first of many educational videos, I talk about the damaging effects of cigarette smoke on the lungs


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