• How a dream told me to use Natural methods for treatment!!

    Dreams are symbolic, and full of hidden meanings. Sometimes we have to try hard to understand them; at other times the meaning may be embarrassingly obvious. But the interpretation of dreams can be an involved and difficult subject.

    I recently had a dream which led to its meaning within minutes of having it: my mind, or whatever it is that causes us to have dreams was sending me some message, and didn’t want me to miss it. I resolved to set it down in black and white in the morning.
    It was a strange and fantastic dream; there was an animal in it, something which I thought was an elephant, but it progressively became larger during the dream.

    It was ailing with something, and I was very concerned and worried about this, as were some other people in the dream, who were, unfortunately, only vague figures. I was a doctor in my dream, so I understood some of the problems; it was some sort of anomaly of the animal’s body part. It had some abnormality of it’s legs and other body structure which made it difficult to move, and we were trying to transport it to some place where it could be provided help.

    But this was not easy, and as I mentioned, the animal – the elephant – was progressively becoming bigger, fell off from the vehicle we were transporting it in – and one of my friends reported, in a very unhappy and terrified way, that one side of the animal’s leg was unusually long, malformed, and completely immobile, and that it seemed completely hopeless trying to help it!

    At this point, I woke up, and in a still groggy state, staggered to the washroom. As I was relieving myself, the meaning of the dream flashed in my mind; the dream imagery was still in my mind, still very fresh, but now I was aware that this was a dream. This was a lucid dreaming state, and my conscious mind now gave me the meaning.

    What it told me was that there are many problems in the world which are due to the natural state; don’t try too hard to solve them. Don’t try so much that you use unnatural methods to solve problems. There is some personal message here also, I believe, because I often catch myself trying too hard for things.
    But the most important message I thought I got from the dream was that one must use only natural methods for healing and curing; or maybe the emphasis is on avoiding unnatural methods. This can be the starting point for further understanding and application, I suppose, but the message itself is clear enough.
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