• Change Diet and Lifestyle to Slow Aging


    I want to live long and stay younger!

    Aging is a process considered inevitable till a few short decades ago; only in the last century has life-expectancy (at birth) increased from a measly 31 years in the early 20th century to 67 years by 2011 figures. These figures are contentious, hence I am quoting the source here, but the fact remains that we are living longer – and hence, expecting more out of life.


    I am sure I echo the sentiments of a majority of readers here. And this is the reason why Aging research is so heavily-funded.

    Let me get on with the reason for this blog-post.[sociallocker id=”862″]

    Diet and Lifestyle

    We all also believe that a healthy lifestyle and diet is good for health – so many people are telling us! And it is so difficult to practice and maintain – it’s gotta be good!

    The Gulf News Health Supplement today – September 19th, 2013 – was on Diet and Lifestyle modification!

    But in case you are teetering on the edge of taking a major decision on whether or not to go for that ‘healthy lifestyle’ change or the ‘healthy diet’ – here is some important scientific information for you to make that decision.

    The Study

    Telomeres are those parts (DNA-protein complexes for the geeks) of a chromosome which protect the ends from getting damaged. An important discovery has been that the aging process involves progressive shortening of Telomere length.

    Scientific studies on ways to prevent telomeres from shortening have been in progress for quite a long while.

    A recent study, which involved more than 7, 000 elderly men diagnosed with prostate cancer, found that the study group advised to use a healthy diet and lifestyle for 5 years had, on average 10% longer telomeres than the other (control) group who didn’t make those lifestyle changes. The specific lifestyle changes adopted were the following:


    • Adopting a whole foods plant-based diet
    • Carrying out moderate exercise
    • Adopting stress management techniques, such as meditation and yoga, and
    • Adopting greater intimacy and social support.


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