• 6 Tips To Improve Memory & Exam Performance

    6 Tips To Improve Memory & Exam Performance

    Students commonly face the problem of not being able to remember things in the examination hall; many people struggle with names, numbers, events, dates.  What can you do today to improve your memory? In this video I share 6 tips you can start using today to improve your memory and performance at exams and interviews.

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  • Evaluation of a Breast Lump

    Evaluation of a Breast Lump

    Dr Phani talks about the evaluation of a breast lump, laying emphasis on Mammography as the main initial screening method – and discusses  the other modalities such as Ultrasound, the MRI, and tissue diagnosis – making it clear which is the best investigation in which stage of the disease.  

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  • Respect for a lady

    Respect for a lady

    Dr Swati was early that day – which was not unusual: she liked to have the extra half-hour she could get to dig deep into a patient’s condition. Today, the first post-operative day of a major surgery she had done in a while, was especially important – so she sacrificed the half-hour she got with

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