Child with head injury

Doc, Is my child’s brain scan okay?

Child with head injury

The Child with head injury is vulnerable as much from the injury as from parental anxiety, x-ray exposure and the anxiety arising from incidental findings on the brain scan!

The Child With Head Injury

I have had many parents bring their child after a fall, worrying about internal injuries that may not be apparent but which may prove dangerous later on. Cases of people dying after neglecting such injuries abound, and add to the anxiety, especially since the child herself is quite oblivious.

As a clinician dealing with this situation, my dilemma has always been to weigh the benefit derived from relieving the anxiety of the parents versus the risk of subjecting the child to anesthesia or sedation – which is required in many instances – as well as the small cancer risk arising from radiation exposure.

How do you think I should handle parental anxiety on this issue? Read on to know more about this…

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