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    April 24th, 2012
    The vast majority of human beings are programmed by their education to WORK FOR OTHERS for a living. They are DOOMED to be EMPLOYEES; at the most, they may venture out, BE BOLD, and become SELF-EMPLOYED – start their own practice, their own small franchisee, their shop or restaurant.
    EVERYBODY dreams of MAKING IT BIG – very few do; statistics show that only 3% make it big in ANY BUSINESS. The vast majority either fail, or just get by.
    People watch a BIG BUSINESS OWNER – and imagine that he must have had a lot of money, or the right breaks, or known the right people – or maybe he broke the laws. Or some combination of all of these. Otherwise, how could he make it and we couldn’t?
    The REALITY is – everybody who MAKES IT BIG – is simply someone who had a BIG DREAM – and was REALLY, DEAD SERIOUS about it – COMMITTED to it completely, ABSOLUTELY. He gave it everything it needed for its success. That’s it.
    Yes, the stakes are high; the risk is high. A lot of capital is invested. But that is in traditional business, the
    bricks and mortar world, where the only way to expand the market is to go out and build the walls and roofs.
    But in the day of the INTERNET, it is now possible to build a GLOBAL ENTERPRISE without huge capital outlay, without so much investment, and so much consequent RISK.
    YES, the STAKES are still high – the DREAM STILL NEEDS TO BE BIG – because the HARD WORK still needs to be done.
    So we are working on such a PROJECT: we are building a vast online network of business partners spread across borders – globally – without having to spend millions of dollars for it – and still earn millions of dollars – EACH!
    IF interested and excited, then contact me to know more about this opportunity.
    Posted 22nd November 2012 by Rajshekher Garikapati
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