• What is an e-cigarette?

    E-Cigarettes and the future of Vaping! Smoking e-cigs is now fashionable An e-cigarette is designed to look and behave like a cigarette but delivers only vaporised nicotine and none of the toxins associated with tobacco to its users; people who use e-cigarettes call themselves   “VAPERS” rather than smokers!   They look and feel like

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  • Light Smoking – how safe is it?

    Light Smoking – how safe is it?

    One of the most important modifiable risk factors for stroke and heart attacks is smoking. It is the 5th leading modifiable factor in the US. Yet, the large majority of smokers find it very difficult to quit smoking. I get asked this question very often – I am down to 2 – 3 cigarettes a

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  • Effects of Smoking on Lungs

    Effects of Smoking on Lungs

    Smoking is a pervasive human habit since the dawn of civilization. Despite being one of the most of uncivil behaviors, it continues to be accepted due to its universal nature. In many social circles, the non-smoker may actually find himself an outcast. In certain age-groups it is cool to be smoking, and peer-pressure plays a

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  • Cell Phone Use And Health

    Cell Phone Use And Health

    Cell Phone Use and Health Issues: Mobile phone use has increased exponentially – and with it, our fears of negative effect – does it cause brain tumors? Does it increase nerve degeneration? Does it have other ill effects? I answer these questions, and also provide a few simple measures you could take to prevent excessive

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