Apr 19 2014

Have Diabetes – Related Complications Declined?

The picture shows the prevalence of diabetes in different regions of the world, depicted in a bar diagram:

  Diabetes is in the list of the top deadly diseases to afflict mankind because it can cause serious health outcomes, including heart attack, stroke and kidney failure. But new research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers a ray of hope that five major complications related to diabetes have declined, at least …

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Apr 14 2014

Should Patients be given access to physician notes

Nurse explaining to patient

This promises to be controversial!! Way back in 2011, a report was published, in The Annals of Internal Medicine. If you are a patient, chances are you are infuriated by the secrecy (and ‘conspiracy’?) of doctors, nurses and hospitals. The commonest complaint you have is that you have not been told anything. You reassured the …

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Mar 29 2014

BMI Calculator

Mar 17 2014

Overcoming Negativity


This is a great quote from one of the greatest motivational speakers, Zig Ziglar. As you can see, it attracted hundreds of comments and thousands of shares on Facebook. Even a small sampling of the comments will tell you that there are varied responses; a majority, of course, agrees. A few dissenters, however, don’t think …

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Mar 12 2014

The doctor – patient relationship

The doctor - patient relationship should be a friendly one

The doctor – patient relationship hinges on many factors; but which is the most crucial?

Nov 23 2013

BMI Calculator

BMI calculated by MyPhentramin.com  

Nov 22 2013

Cholesterol report – how to interpret it


Nov 20 2013

Cholesterol New Guidelines


Cholesterol has been at the center of much research for a long time – ever since it was identified that stroke and heart attacks result from a process happening in blood vessels called atherosclerosis. What is Atherosclerosis? Atherosclerosis simply means hardening of the blood vessel walls; what it entails is a progressive deposition of cholesterol …

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Nov 18 2013

Night Owls and Early Risers Have Different Brain Structures

See on Scoop.it – Nerve Health Sleep and wake times are strongly influenced by genetics. Dr Rajshekher‘s insight: Are you a morning lark or a night owl? New research is beginning to show that night-owls are more prone to depression and white matter lesions (something euphemistically labelled as ‘decreased white matter integrity’); but they are …

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Nov 18 2013

The Science Behind What Naps Do For Your Brain–And Why You Should Have One Today

See on Scoop.it – Nerve Health Studies of napping have shown improvement in cognitive function creative thinking and memory performance. Ready set . . . snooze. Dr Rajshekher‘s insight: Do you take cat naps during the day? I do: it helps me improve my thinking, concentration and memory for the rest of the day, not …

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