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    • 10 JUN 14
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    Nutritional requirements in old age

    Nutritional requirements in old age by Ms. Rachana Pilankar, Nutritionist       Aging is something no one can avoid. Old age is calm, expanded, relaxed, gives opportunity to do the things we want to do. But at the same time health issues can be obstacles in our enjoyment of life. Proper nutrition is very important as

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    • 03 JUN 14
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    Reology: The Science of Reorienting Your Life

      What Is REOLOGY?   Reology is a world where you stop blaming others and worrying about others blaming you. This encourages people to be more open and revealing.Reology is a way to improve who we are, how we think, speak, and act. The Philosophy of “Re-righting” Our Thoughts My intention here is not to

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